FINA constitution - Valid from 22.07.2017


Code of Ethics

FINA Code of Ethics - Valid from 22.07.2017


General Rules

FINA General Rules - Valid from 22.09.2017


By Laws

FINA by Laws

FINA Code of Conduct

FINA Rules of Conduct applicable to Bidders

FINA Rules on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions


Swimming Rules

FINA Swimming Rules - Valid from 21.09.2017


Interpretation Swimming Rules

Explanatory Memo for 2017 Swimming Rule Changes


World Record Form - Valid from 21.09.2017


Open Water Swimming Rules

FINA Open Water Swimming Rules - Valid from 13.09.2017


Diving Rules
FINA Diving Rules - Valid from 12.09.2017


FINA Diving Figures B/W

FINA Diving Figures Colour


High Diving Rules

FINA High Diving Rules - Valid from 12.09.2017


Artistic Swimming Rules

FINA Artistic Swimming Rules - Valid from 12.09.2017 (Revised)


Water Polo Rules

FINA Water Polo Rules - Valid from 13.09.2017


Masters Rules

FINA Masters Rules - Valid from 21.09.2017


Masters World Record Form - Valid from 21.09.2017


Facilities Rules

Facilities - valid from 22.09.2017

FINA Swimming Pool Certification - February 2017 Version

FINA Swimming Pool Certification (OG and WC) - February 2017 Version

FINA Diving Pool Certification - January 2017 Version


Medical Rules

FINA Medical Rules - in force


Doping Control Rules

FINA Doping Control Rules - in force

Athletes Information Notice - in force