FINA Communications Department

Preparations for the 18th edition of the FINA World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, are in full swings. The Organising Committee has finished to conduct a series of test events in the various venues that will host the prestigious biggest aquatic event in a couple of weeks, from July 12-28.

The Organsiers hosted the 91st edition of the Dong-Ag swimming competition at the Nambu University Municipal Aquatics Centre that will stage the swimming events this summer from July 21-28 with heat sessions in the morning and finals at night. A total of 2400 athletes, ranging from kindergarden kids to students and adults took part in the swimming, diving, waterpolo and artistic swimming competitions.

This ultimate test event for the Gwangju World Championships has confirmed that the venue is fully functional and ready to host the global events offering the highest industry standards and optimum conditions for the athletes and officials. 

FINA Facilities Committee Chairman Joaquin Pujol made final inspection of all the swimming pool. Design and operational standards have been reviewed and it was confirmed that all FINA requirements are being met.

FINA Official partner Mrytha Pools was in charge of the facilities and ensured highest standards are respected. Myrtha Pools provided and installed two pools for artistic swimming (competition and warm up), two water polo pools (competition and warm up) and one diving pool.

In parallel, the International Broadcaster Centre (IBC), located on the campus of Nambu University, as opened its doors on Thursday June 27. The Centre will provide video and sound signals from all the competition venues to right holding broadcasters (RHB) around the world. The Centre’s role is crucial has it allows the broadcasters to relay vivid moments and outstanding performances of this gigantic aquatic festival across the world for the fans.

The IBC occupies about 3,100 meter square next to the Nambu University Municipal Aquatics Centre, the venue of the water polo, and includes an archive room, a programme quality control room and space for RHBs.

Host broadcasters, MBC of South Korea and TV Asahi of Japan, will be in charge of sending out the international signals of the FINA World Championships, reaching about 2 billion people via more than 60 broadcasters.

Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-sup, also Gwangju 2019 COO, said at the opening ceremony of the IBC that the municipality and the Organising Committee is committed to extend their full support to the IBC for the success of the Championships.

Athletes Village

The athletes village, the heart of the World Championships, is set to open on July 5. Asian hospitality is renowned internationally, and Gwangju is no exception to the rule. Gwangju 2019 mission is to provide the athletes with the best service so that they feel at home and well rested before the competition days.

The athletes’ village has been ingeniously planned. The teams of experts have worked tirelessly to develop the most comfortable, peaceful and pleasant environment. The village is located no more than a 30min drive from each of the venue, with shuttle buses running regularly and efficiently. Moreover, numerous amenities will be available on site. This includes medical service, bank, convenience store, post office, fitness room and beauty salon.

Opening and Closing Ceremony highlights

The Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championships will officially kick-off on July 12 at 8pm with the Opening Ceremony held at Gwangju Women's University Universiade Gymnasium. The theme of the ceremony will be “Light of Water”, a representation of the world’s waters rising to form a single wave in the spirit of democracy and peace. Over 700 cast members will perform with special effects that reflect South Korea’s technological advancement and will guarantee a breath-taking show.

The celebrations will come to an end with the Closing Ceremony on July 28 at 5pm at the Arts Theatre of Asia Culture Centre, where cultural representations will be held under the theme of “Beautiful Circulation”. The show will include cultural arts of the South Jeolla Province combining the stream of water and harmonious circulation of life. After the cultural performance, around 10:30pm, the FINA flag will be handed over to Fukuoka, Japan, the host of the 2021 FINA World Championships.