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Greece consigned Spain to third place in Group A with a heart-stopping 8-7 victory. The nearly packed grandstands witnessed another fantastic match with Guillermo Molina opening the scoring through a penalty.The tight play opened slightly for Greece to respond through Evangelos Delakas for 1-1 at the break. It was all Greece in the second period with Emmanouill Mylonakis sending in two goals from the deep right.

Molina scored on extra to open the second half. Christos Afroudakis and Ioannis Fountoulis stretched the margin 5-2. Balasz
Siranyi scored from centre forward for Spain but Fountoulis scored on
the next attack, which proved to be the final score of the third period.

Minguell lifted hearts of the Spanish crowd, receiving the shortest of
passes (30cm) on extra in front of goal when Delakis gained his third
foul, to score for 6-4.

Mylonakis scored from deep right, catching with his right hand, turning and shooting for 7-4 at 7:11.

Molina nailed his third goal on extra from close in at 6:31 for 7-5 and the game was wide open.

defensive doors were erected in front of each goal until Minguell broke
through with a shot down the line into the bottom right for 7-6 at

Greece called a timeout at 3:05 and the shot came after the
excluded player returned but Angelos Vlachopoulos had time to turn at
deep right and score for 8-6.
Minguell scored his third on the next
Spanish attack on extra for 8-7 at 1:23 and Greece went to a timeout but
the game entered the last minute as the shot went wide.

Spain gained
an extra-man play and shot, deflected over by goalkeeper Konstantinos
Tsalkanis. Spain shot again but it was collected by Greece with 30
seconds remaining and Afroudakis held the ball in the dying seconds for
the victory.

Spain had won four of the last five matches at World Championships.

Match 22: 21:30, Group A, SPAIN 7 GREECE 8
Quarters: 1-1, 0-2, 2-3, 4-2
Referees: Radoslaw Koryzna (POL), Mario Bianchi (ITA).
Extra Man: ESP: 4/8. GRE: 2/2.
Pens: ESP: 1/1

SPAIN: Inake Aguilar, Alberto Munarrez, Ruben Do Lera, Ricard Alarcon, Guillermo Molina (3), Marc Minguell (3), Balazs Sziranyi (1), Albert Espanol, Xavier Valles, Felipe Perrone, Pere Estrany, Xavier Garcia, Daniel Lopez. Head Coach: Rafael Aguilar.
GREECE: Konstantinos Tsalkanis, Emmanouill Mylonakis (3), Konstantinos Gouvis, Konstantinos Genidounios, Ioannis Fountoulis (2), Kyriakos Pontikeas, Christos Afroudakis (1), Evangelos Delakas (1), Konstantinos Mourikis, Christodoulos Kolomvos, Alexandros Gounas, Angelos Vlachopoulos (1), Konstantinos Galanidis. Head Coach: Athanasios Kechagias.
Match Report:

Christos Afroudakis (GRE):
“We played a very good defence, and our keeper was spectacular tonight. We have to be very serious against South Africa.”
Angelos Vlachopoulos (GRE):
“We play every match as if it were the final, always based on a good defence and today was not an exception.
We have to go step by step, our next target is to pass to the quarterfinals. It is a championship and we need to be very serious and concentrated”
Marc Minguell (ESP):
“It has been an awful game. We’ve played our best part of the game based on our individual skills but we need to play more as a team. Now is everything or nothing and we have to correct our mistakes and go on.”
Felipe Perrone (ESP Captain):
“It has been a weird match, now pre-quarterfinals we need to forget the last two games. We were only able to break their defence at the end of the last quarter. Now USA is completely different to Greece and Montenegro and there’s nothing decided yet.”
Daniel López (ESP):
“We didn't play well, it wasn't the game we wanted. We started playing with more heart than head and in the second half we did it better. There are no bad teams so we have to improve our attack in the next game and carry on. We have no doubts in our team.”